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Episode 19 - "Cool for Cats" or "On the Brink"

Fri 08 October 2010

Hello and welcome to Episode 19 of the GameOverCast in association with Gamers Voice.

This week the crew is minus a PJBling, but plus a Kinichie.

We open the podcast with MrPGibson and I waxing lyrical about our time and thoughts around Eurogamer which we attended the weekend before. Ninazu tells us how his wife has sabotaged his plans to make her a gamer girl by smashing her iphone against the floor.

In games we've been playing we cover a plethora of games, Namely Assasins Creed Brotherhood, BulletStorm, Medal of Honour, Gears of war 3, Crysis 2 single player and Brink!

We also managed to get a very awesome interview with Splash damage regarding Brink, apologies for the sound quality, however the content is awesome none the less.

At this point Madcat joins the fray and it all goes to pot..

The quiz manages to survive the experience, presented by Ninazu, the theme : Japanese games.

Listen and enjoy!!

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