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Episode 21 - The Episode Where the Quiz was Bling

Fri 22 October 2010

Hello and welcome to Episode 21 of the GameOverCast in association with Gamers Voice.

The full crew of Gibson, Radar, Ninazu and Madcat are in the house although Bling arrives late for this weeks extravaganza.

This week the Japanese get a lot of love with the Naruto fanboys Ninazu and Radar waxing lyrical about the most recent manga adaptation to hit the shelves. Enslaved and Halo are still in the playlist with a smattering of Civilzation thrown in for good measure.

New releases are hotting up as the year is winding towards a close with Super Meat Boy finally hitting XBLA, Fallout going all Vegas and Vanguard making an appearance.

Polyphony Digital have a hellavu lot of explaining to do about Gran Turismo 5 and we discuss stream size and all the ins and outs.

Kropotkin from materialises for the Big Developers quiz hosted by Radarhead which has its usual competitive edge.

Emotional times in the dual action topics of the week as the amazement over the Gamestation achievement system hits home and future retention in the game industry sparks an interesting debate.

If all this isn't enough Gibson believes he can sing, you be the judge...

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Posted by Ninazu

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