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Episode 59 - World of Banks

Saturday 23 July 2011

Hello and welcome to episode 59 of the GameOverCast in association with Gamers Voice brought to you by Radarhead, PJBling, Jay Santamaria and a returning guest, Chris O'Regan of SHFTS fame.

This week we open with everyone quoting Bastion, a game everyone but Radarhead seems to be playing. It annoys him.

In games we've been playing we talk some mediocre W40k Kill squad, look forward to Space Marine, praise a little Dead Nation, and explain the aweomse that is Bastion.

Imminent releses has us shurgging.

News has us tallying up the new Little Big Planet players about talking about the next xbox console (its going to be blue).

Theres a quiz (in which we see radarhead clearly get cheated of an easy victory), a load of awesome emails and a ridunckulous amounts of hilarity.

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- Paul Gibson

Posted by Radarhead

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