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Episode 61 - Dedicated to Colin and Pandas(they make awesome)

Saturday 30 July 2011

Hello and welcome to episode 61 of the GameOverCast.

This week the show is brought to you by Radarhead (Mike Barton), PjBling, Danny Palmer (Destroyer of Worlds) and Ninazu who returns from holiday times.

There is no Gibson as the ghost of Kinect finally has driven him into a frenzy and he is hiding under his bed in fear.

Danny the roving games reviewer is not allowed to tell us anything about the Deus Ex launch event he went to so PJ decides to vent his rage at him throughout the episode!

World of Tanks is finally discussed, I wonder if it really is any good? We revisit Alan Wake and Ghost Recon plus discuss the luscious lullabies from Bastion.

Gamers really are a generous bunch and the humble indie bundle is back this year to help out those who need it and is raising a load of cash for great causes.

Diablo 3 gets some controversial release news too, have Blizzard lost the essence of what Diablo is about and do Ubisoft have the DRM answer tied up at last?

No quiz but interesting emails which spark off some debate and a mini subject of the week to finish: Which platformer hero would you be and why?

Topic of the week this week: Tv series that would make great games. Two great ideas are spawned. I want to be playing them both right now...

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- Mike Barton

Posted by Radarhead

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