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GameOverCast Special Episode

The PRE-GamesCom special!

Monday 15 August 2011

Hello and welcome to The Pre-Gamescom Special episode of GameOverCast!

This special show is brought to you by Mike (Radarhead) Barton, Debbie (Weefz) Timmins from video games blog The Average Gamer, Chris (Kropotkin) O'Regan of the SHFTS podcast and Sinan (Shoinan) Kubba, freelance journalist and host of the yet another podcast, Big Red Potion.

In this pre-gamescom episode we discuss our expectations of this week's European trade show for the video games industry, Gamescom. We discuss the developers, the games and the platforms we are looking forward to seeing. We also question Gamescom's place in the gaming convention world and whether it gets a deserved buzz, or if the buzz is lacking.

This show is part of a two (maybe three) part series of shows regarding Gamescom. The next definite show will be after the trade show closes next week, where we discuss the same points covered in the this one with gift of hindsight. If you're lucky we might even find the time to get together over a German sausage and beer to do a mid-week catch-up. Prost!

-Mike (Radarhead)

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